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Business Continuity Consultancy

A Business Continuity Plan strengthens organisations by implementing measures that enable its critical business processes to continue or resume during and after any unplanned incident including emergencies and natural disasters.

The goals of Business Continuity are to provide measures and controls to protect and preserve employees’ lives and company facilities; recover and resume critical operations in a timely manner; and enable customers to transact business as smoothly and as quickly as possible after an unplanned incident.


Many organisations today utilise Information Technology (IT) to not only enable their operations but also to leverage technology in such a way that a competitive advantage can be gained.


To protect that advantage, Elysium IT Solutions are able to offer:

  • Execution of a Business Impact Analysis to assess readiness of the organisation in the event of an incident.

  • Formation of a Business Continuity plan for execution in the event of an incident.

  • Testing and Implementation of the Business Continuity Plan for the organisation.

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